Monday, May 10, 2010

The Spanking Bug

I hope everyone had a super weekend and that all the mom's got to enjoy their special day! With the Florida Moonshine Party just a few weeks away, I start thinking about the inevitable questions that most girls get asked at these parties. "When did you first know you were into spanking?" The other one is, "Were you spanked as a child?" These questions come up a great deal. Let me get the second one out of the way first. I was only spanked once as a child and it was the most devastating and humiliating moment in my childhood. I HATED IT!! The feeling of actually doing something so bad to warrant such an action was horrifying. I am a people pleaser to a fault, and it broke my heart to know I did something to let another person down. But oddly enough when I saw the first person paddled in school, I was mesmerized. In the south paddling in the classroom was a common occurrence. Many got sent to the office but when swift correction was necessary, we all witnessed it. My third grade teacher had a paddle named the Blue Devil and she was not scared to use it. She was a tall, attractive woman and she scared the hell out of me. I never crossed her path. In 6th grade my PE teacher actually carried a paddle with him and he became my fast friend. I knew he would never paddle me but it was intoxicating just being around him and his weapon of choice. I was playful with him(bratty would be the word people in the scene would use)and I started coming up with different ways to antagonize him in a harmless way. Just the playful banter and empty threat of a spanking thrilled me. It was as though I suddenly got this huge endorphin rush. I went to an all girls boarding school so the uniform thing comes very naturally. In college I dated much older men. Looking back I was seeking that dominant, caring disciplinarian. It is clear to me that I have had this bug since I was very young. Some feel there is a spanking gene. Maybe this will be the next question posed to me at the party?

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