Monday, May 10, 2010

The Spanking Bug

I hope everyone had a super weekend and that all the mom's got to enjoy their special day! With the Florida Moonshine Party just a few weeks away, I start thinking about the inevitable questions that most girls get asked at these parties. "When did you first know you were into spanking?" The other one is, "Were you spanked as a child?" These questions come up a great deal. Let me get the second one out of the way first. I was only spanked once as a child and it was the most devastating and humiliating moment in my childhood. I HATED IT!! The feeling of actually doing something so bad to warrant such an action was horrifying. I am a people pleaser to a fault, and it broke my heart to know I did something to let another person down. But oddly enough when I saw the first person paddled in school, I was mesmerized. In the south paddling in the classroom was a common occurrence. Many got sent to the office but when swift correction was necessary, we all witnessed it. My third grade teacher had a paddle named the Blue Devil and she was not scared to use it. She was a tall, attractive woman and she scared the hell out of me. I never crossed her path. In 6th grade my PE teacher actually carried a paddle with him and he became my fast friend. I knew he would never paddle me but it was intoxicating just being around him and his weapon of choice. I was playful with him(bratty would be the word people in the scene would use)and I started coming up with different ways to antagonize him in a harmless way. Just the playful banter and empty threat of a spanking thrilled me. It was as though I suddenly got this huge endorphin rush. I went to an all girls boarding school so the uniform thing comes very naturally. In college I dated much older men. Looking back I was seeking that dominant, caring disciplinarian. It is clear to me that I have had this bug since I was very young. Some feel there is a spanking gene. Maybe this will be the next question posed to me at the party?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Size Matters.. Only If You Don't "Articulate" Well

And by articulate, I am referring to the skills involving the mouth. Yes, I have a bit of class so I am not gonna come right out and say it but I hope you all understand what I am referring to. After a fabulous dinner and some Mexican food last night, I had some company come over. Some how we got on the subject of men discussing their anatomical gifts, or lack there of. Please note we did have a male perspective and one I truly respect. One of my dearest friends who I will refer to as "Amelia" from here on, was also involved with the conversation. Amelia is vanilla but knows my proclivities all to well. She accepts them and even named her boat the "Polyamorous". That being said, we continued on with our lively discussion. "Men who brag about their d**k size are almost always lacking in some way", I stated. And in my lifetime, this has almost always proven to be true. Amelia and said guy friend both agreed. Now, as to why this is true, I will never know. But these are usually the same type of men that believe women owe them something. Which basically equates to......"she can suck my d**k but to hell with me going down on her! A total waste of my time!" Well folks, this is exactly how a REALLY POOR lover is born. Men who brag about size are definitely lacking..IN THE ORAL DEPARTMENT!!!!!! No skills..I am talking they SUCK! But not in the good way! Men, please note that we as women are not too concerned with man part size as long as you know how to "articulate"!!! Articulation = REALLY GOOD lover. God gave us women one small gift that men do not have. A very beautiful, sensitive girl part that was made ONLY for the orgasm. Yes, the d**K is wonderful but it is for procreation in addition to relieving yourselves. Our "special" part is ONLY for pleasure. It serves no other purpose other than to give us happiness. So women, please be careful of those men who tell you how big their junk is. Most of the time, that part is not true either. And you can be sure of the fact they do not no how to articulate well. Small penis and lack of oral skills? RUN!!!!!!!! Not so hot,grateful computer geek type ROCK ON!! Today's photo is of me in the sun yesterday. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Post

Well happy hump day to everyone who is reading this!!! This is my brand spanking new blog which is a hodge podge of all things classy, adult and spanking oriented. I have been in the spanking scene for quite some time now and have met many wonderful people along the way! I have been able to express my passion for all things non-vanilla without harming innocent children or animals along the way. What I do is not illegal, it does not hurt others(only me at times in a good way) and it has lead me down the path of adult store ownership. Hence the new blog. Shameless self promotion, I know..Butt, hopefully it well help get shoppers to the site. For those that do not know me, I am a self-sufficient, entrepreneurial type of girl that lives in the south. I am very strong-willed, educated, sarcastic and quite fractious at times. I came out of my spanking "closet" with the help of a friend named Dallas. He and his beautiful fiancé Sabrina Starr run waaay on the other side of the country. Though far away, I try to stay in contact as much as possible. My last roomate here was Sierra Salem, who is great. And yes, I know she has been missing in action but she is ALIVE!!! I am a professional athlete as well as professional brat and I work hard at both jobs! Well, enough for now and thanks for reading.I will try and upload a fun pic everyday(today it is one of my bottom). MSJ